Exhibit: Fashioning the Future

November 2011 The Flourish Approach, a project looking at incorporating cultural skills into the global knitting supply chain, was on display at the Fashioning the Future exhibit at Canary Warf. The Fashioning the Future Awards are hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion fat the London College of Fashion: http://www.sustainable-fashion.com/fashioning-the-future/ Start Date: Friday, November 11, 2011 EndContinue reading “Exhibit: Fashioning the Future”

Outreach: London Green Fair

July 2011 Danielle’s M.A. work surrounded incorporating sustainable practices into mass market consumption. As a part of her outreach, she led a workshop at the London Green Fair working with kids to make flowers and objects out of up-cycled and scrap fabrics. The goal of the workshop was to entice kid’s creativity and remind themContinue reading “Outreach: London Green Fair”