Gene Regen

GENE REGEN, 2008/2009

Gene Regen was a sustainable business plan developed in 2008 to meet the gap in sustainable fashion for the apparel mass market. After being reviewed by a series of top industry professionals in New York in January of 2009 it won the Geoffrey Beene $25,000 scholarship of 2009 which was awarded by Tim Gunn.

Gene Regen was developed as a line of clothing for a new generation of consumers. The generation we have aptly named Generation Regeneration, our clothing line is named after them, Gene Regen.  Gene Regen is for consumers who genuinely care about our earth and the impact they have on it.  Gene Regen has been developed to reduce waste and help the environment by working through people, products, and processes to better the world in which we live.

Gene Regen looks to reduce waste emitted by American consumers through the use of recycled fabrics.  Two of the main fibers that will be used in Gene Regen clothing will be recycled polyester, a fiber that can be recreated from fabric, pop bottles, and other resources, and recycled nylon, which can be (re)produced from industrial waste fibers and waste fibers at spinning factories.  Using recycled fibers not only reduces waste, it eliminates the release of toxins and water waste that occurs in the production of new fibers (even in the creation of organic and chemical-free fibers).



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