Exhibit: Community Repair

May 2011

The Community Repair Exhibit followed a semester-long graduate research project titled ‘Community Repair: Strategic Social Skill Mobilization for Sustainable Fashion.’ regarding utilizing clothing to bring people and communities together. The MA Fashion and the Environment students worked with Otto von Busch on the project.

The project centered around the impact garment repair can have on a community. Each of the 14 students sought out unique participants from their own neighborhoods to partner with in repairing a garment that had a history with one of the two individuals.  From lawyers, hat makers, and shoe makers to passengers on a Eurostar train, every participant had their own story and own reason for taking part in this project. In the end students were asked what impact this repair has had on their emotional attachment to the garment, but also the emotional attachment to our communities and themselves.

At the time of the project, Danielle worked at Foundation Showroom. The owner of the showroom, Jules Hau, was generous and offered her space for the exhibit. Danielle set up a pop-up gallery reflecting the project that was open to public viewing in the heard of London.

Danielle had the assistance of course-mates in display management, product procurement, and catering.



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