The Flourish Approach

The Flourish Approach was a research project undertaken as a part of the MA Fashion and the Environment Program at the London College of Fashion in 2011.

The vision of The Flourish Approach was to demonstrate how a business model can re-interpret established systems to incorporate sustainability into global production. It was applied through practice within knitwear design and production. The creation of wellbeing for the producer, the environment, and the consumer was evaluated, while comparing to the potential to create economic value for the retailer.

As a joint M.A. dissertation, our mission was to provide aesthetically on-trend garments that compete with mainstream fashion in terms of both style and price while providing a unique selling proposition through the generation of well-being:

– For the consumer; through user-involvement and emotional attachment.

– For the producer; through cultural skill sensitivity and utilisation, advancement opportunities, and flexibility.

– For the environment; through local material utilisation and zero-waste production,

– For the retailer; through economic viability in terms of cost competitiveness and a unique selling point.

The Flourish Approach addressed the question: By re-thinking established systems within knitwear design and production, can we generate wellbeing for the consumer, producer and the environment, while creating value for the retailer?

The Flourish Approach investigated recreation of the entire apparel system from materials through consumption. By working with a global network of local suppliers we will produce knitted components that can be assembled in a variety of ways to make various garments. The components will be produced using community resources and skills and then seamed together at one central location. Further to this, the consumer will participate in the design process.



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