“My wedding was a wonderful day. Not because I had the perfect dress, the perfect hair, or the perfect shoes, but because I had a dress that allowed me to dance, to walk through a garden, and to fall in the mud without worry. I had shoes that made me smile and laugh through their kitschy humor and that I could run and step in a puddle in. Yes, my clothes were perfect. They were the tool through which I lived. When looking back though do I think of my dress and my shoes? No. I think of my friends who flew in to show their love for me, my family that spent months making sure. I knew my happiness was a priority in their lives, I think about a night when I was able to surround myself with the people I love…”

My Manifesto relates to another project I was undertaking at the same time, chemical catwalk. It is a short 2.5 page document that you can read below.

Read Here: A Manifesto of Enduring Fashion

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