Community Repair

This old red blazer was buried in my costume-box for years, but there was something about it I always loved. While searching out places in the neighbourhoods I frequent, I was put in touch with Yolanda and we worked together to brainstorm ideas and construction techniques to emphasize the vibrant colour through standout design. We both have fashion backgrounds so we worked together, but Yolanda’s expert tailoring was what put everything together. As a representation of the relationships formed through garments without becoming attached to the garment itself, I am now passing the garment on to Yolanda for the next part of its life.

The first document below is the Community Repair Sketchbook which follows the journey of the blazer, the second is the publication put out by the London College of Fashion featuring all 14 projects undertaken as a part of Community Repair.

Also look at the Community Repair blog posting on my blog page or my guest blog entry on the Centre for Sustainable Fashion blog.


Read here: Strategic Repair Sketchbook


Read here: Community_Repair

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