Chemical Catwalk

“This critical analysis of the global cotton industry titled, Take Me to the Moon… explores what is right in front of us, and Maybe Its Made of Cotton… plays the role of devils advocate in looking at both ends of the cotton debate – conventional and organic/fairtrade to say maybe both are wrong. Industry professionals and scientists alike need to step back and look at how we can improve cotton cultivation in developing nations. Rather than taking an ‘organic’ approach and addressing only physical and psychological well-being we can re-evaluate the status quo to also improve their financial well-being. Farmers in developing nations make up 90% of the worlds cotton farmers but produce only 75% of the output, yet we rarely debate increasing their yield. What if new methods led to prosperity and health? Through a focus on shared value creation we can move beyond fairtrade, which redistributes 10-20% of profits, and collaborate within the industry to increase profits up to three-hundred percent. Attention to efficiency can improve the health of the land and people at the same time as generating economic success. Chemist can play a role in value creation through looking at the systems in which genetically modified (GM) seeds are created and thereby influencing the infrastructure to make innovation available to those who need it most. GM drought tolerant and pest resistant crops can have significant impact by supporting better water distribution systems and less pesticide use. If science is taken a step further to address fertilizer sales, application, and effectiveness, we can re-evaluate what is needed in developing nations and increase efficiency while eliminating toxic effects. The change in the cotton industry away from both conventional and organic methods is a necessary step as top scientific advisors recognizing that scientific exploration may be the only way to feed and cloth the growing world…”

Read here: Take Me to the Moon, Maybe Its Made of Cotton

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