Foundation Agency

In 2011 Danielle worked for Foundation Agency. Foundation was a small ethical and environmentally focused wholesale and PR agency. Danielle created marketing materials for the brand and represented high-end sustainable brands, working with retailers to find the right placement of the merchandise in stores.

As a part of Danielle’s job as a Freelance Account Executive, she worked tradeshows, such as Pure in London. This allowed Foundation to expand their network of retailer connections and of course helped the brand’s we represented place orders. The brand in the image is Komodo in 2011. A well-known brand in Britain selling environmentally friendly fashion. Danielle also worked with brands such as Silverflint, Miista, and Borders and Frontiers.



Freelance Account Executive and Marketing Manager, December 2010 – September 2011

  • Managed premium brands sales meetings, recruiting new retail partners and driving brand wholesale opportunities.
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