Rather than spending money, I’m in the mood for some DIY!

I have been shopping a lot lately. Okay, I have been shopping a lot my entire life. I’m sorry, but as my husband has sadly discovered, there seems to be no cure. I think he shudders a little each time I explain to him, ‘it isn’t my fault… its my industry, would you tell a social media marketer they couldn’t have a facebook page?’ I swear the logic is flawless. Almost anyway.

Anyway, I have felt as though my creativity has been waning a bit lately. It doesn’t take much to style or select garments when you have been seeing the same ones day-in and day-out for months. So, I decided I needed to get creative and start working on a little DIY and start sewing again. I have started some amazing updates, but I unfortunately ran out of thread before completing most… woops… until I get more thread and finish them though I thought I would share a few ideas I am working on.

1) An update to my travel purse.

I have this little leather purse with a little leather strap I use all the time when we travel. It is basic and easy to throw in my carry-on or under a coat in a crowd, but it isn’t exactly the most fashion-forward bag I own. So I decided to update it. I looked around and found a great idea on Who What Wear (below). Only difference is… okay… well… I’m lazy. I don’t want to do all the sewing so instead I am checking thrift shops for old tie belts like i used to wear about 10 years ago. That way I can just pull out the tie and clip a carabiniere through the holes and attach to my little leather bag. Easy as 1, 2, 3!


2) Peplums!

Peplums are everywhere for AW12 and I love it. Only catch is, they tend to be fairly formal with cinched waists and pencil skirts attached and don’t quite fit the laid-back style I have been subscribing to lately. Solution? Take a que from Roksanda Ilincic and gp for an oversized t-shirt (or dress) with a lower peplum. I have some cobalt blue fabric that will be perfect for the peplum and I think I am going to sew it to the bottom of a long white v-neck tee. What do you think?


3) PJs that you can wear all day!

I love a comfy trouser. At 6’2” trousers rarely fit me right and are even less commonly comfortable. For years I have preferred shorts, skirts and leggings because they are my only real carefree options. I will admit that lately I have been finding more options in 36” length (like Topshop Tall!) but even then they don’t tend to be the bold and fashion forward prints and colours I like. Its getting there though! Well, this all means that I am also a big fan of cropped options. And now I am thinking, what about slightly oversized? I got some great joggers from the Olympics I LOVE to dress up and now I am thinking I might use some nice silk fabric and a basic PJ-pant pattern to make an easy pair of trousers. What do you think?



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